A business logo reading "Mind's Eye Mania" Between "Mind's Eye" and "Mania" is a black circle with a blue, capital Greek letter Phi. Inside the left lobe is a billboard-face capital letter Q with the edging in yellow, filled with blue, and inside the right lobe is a yellow circle, with a smaller blue circle inside it away from center, with the lowercase letter e inside the blue circle. The convolution that is that black circle and its contents is the personal insignia of Vincent D. Camley, owner of this business. Eccentric Offerings of Whimsy & Wonder™

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Mental Health Activism Art Info About Mind's Eye Mania

About Mind's Eye Mania A photo of the owner of this business, Vincent D. Camley, a.k.a. ADoS. He is wearing a crocheted hat, festooned with Mind's Eye Mania buttons, as well as a long-sleeve T-shirt, under a short-sleeve T-Shirt featuring his "Superhero In The Rough" design. He is standing in front of a brick wall, leaning on a wooden railing.
Photo © Nicolle Vivier-Dow, 2017

I'm an aspiring professional artist of various media. I proudly call myself eccentric, and that is only partly to do with my mental illness including things like schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type), autism, and a variety of anxiety issues, which can be frustrating but which give me a bit of an unusual perspective on life. My weirdness definitely comes through in my work, and I think it gives my designs a unique flavor which is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, often whimsical, and always attention-grabbing!

I have been autistic my whole life, because that's how autism works, and that's always been hard. But during a traumatic period in my childhood I began having mood swings, hallucinations, and other life-disrupting symptoms. I have trouble doing "normal" jobs due to my mental instability, as well as physical ailments. It's been suggested to me that I might make a good Certified Peer Specialist, someone whose job is to use and share our lived experience recovering from mental illness, advocating to the public, and showing that "Recovery is Real!" (That's the slogan they use, at least at the CPS training center here in Massachusetts.) I'd much rather use my strengths to make changes on a societal level if I can, though. There's a lot of small thinking and resignation in the mental health community these days, unfortunately, and I'd like to change that. Nothing big happens if nobody ever tries to do big things! Furthermore, I think solving mental health problems in society is going to be the key to bringing about lasting, powerful change in the world even outside the mental health community. I could go into a ramble about that, but I think I'll save it for my Activism and Art Info sections. :)

(For those concerned: I don't handle your personal or financial information when you buy from Zazzle, Galloree, or Amazon! This is not to say the mentally ill are inherently not trustworthy, but it may assuage some people's unjustified but societally-understandable fears just in case.)

As for the art itself, I tend toward pixel art. The way I do it, I usually take very small spaces and try to cram an interesting picture into it. I then blow it up to fit on products, and they will still be blocky. I've always loved the aesthetics of small pixel artworks, having grown up in the 16-bit era of video gaming, and I think other people will like it too! Especially lately though, I've realized not everyone shares that passion, and I have become better at making higher-resolution, "smooth" art as well. I also have a set of colors which I have chosen carefully and prefer to use, when the vision of the artwork allows it.

I work in other media too; for instance, "Fluorescent Fungus" was picked out of fluorescent computer trace of a colored pencil drawing called "Mantishroomscape", and "The Zebrat" is a paper collage that I scanned into my computer and fiddled with. I do colored and graphite pencils, watercolor, photography, and other things too. I sometimes take the good ones and modify them into sellable form. I could go on and on, so I encourage you to just take a look! They'll be eye-catching and fun to show off.

I want to make my art into a profitable business, because some day I want to stop living in charity housing and get off Social Security! (Preferably without King Apricot's "assistance"...) I dream of owning a 400sq.ft. house, Mock Tudor style! Yes, that's only two zeroes. I like living in small spaces.

I also like when people enjoy my artwork! :D Thanks for visiting! —ADoS

The name of my business, Mind's Eye Mania, suits my creative style perfectly. It was coined one evening which my friend, Rachel "Regal Pinion" Limbewirk, and I spent bouncing ideas off each other. Eventually she hit this one, and I love it. She and her old friend and business partner, Justin Darling, have a small company called The Wyrd Ones. Their "company" doesn't actually do anything specific, rather it's just a channel for their creative efforts. They have good creative efforts, though. Rachel does a lot of music production work, and is a talented, quick-witted rapper and poet, among other things. Check her out!

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Mental Health Activism Art Info About Mind's Eye Mania

The photo below is © Joe Camley 2015, with the text, my silly little mantra, superimposed by me. It's from a life-changing moment near the top of Mt. Monadnock, where Joe took me for my first real hike. (By the way, there are easter eggs on this site. FYI.)

A square-shaped photo of the summit of Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, taken from about 200 vertical feet from that peak. Superimposed on the photo are the words "Hold Your Head High" in capital letters, with the the words in reverse order with "Hold" on the bottom and "High" on the top, as though they are climbing to the peak. "Hold Your Head" is in white FreeMono Bold font, with upward-pointing arrows on either side of each word, and with the words in smaller font the closer they are to the peak. The word "Head" is placed in the sky above the mountain, in much larger, yellow font, and asterisks on either side.

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Mental Health Activism Art Info About Mind's Eye Mania

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